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Rent Vauxhall in Rome with for a guaranteed low cost car hire.
Please note that the Vauxhall showing on this page are available at all destinations. For quote and availability of the Vauxhall model that you would like to rent please use the search form on this page.
The vehicle displayed and models listed are the most common vehicles used by our car rental partners. We cannot guarantee the make or model of the rental vehicle will be the same as the vehicle displayed on our website.
When renting Vauxhall there are several important things to consider:
  • How much is the Excess?  When renting a car usually there is an excess that must be paid in case there is a damage to the vehicle. Vauxhall car models have different excess payable which depends on the value of the vehicle. The more expensive Vauxhall modes have higher excess. We strongly recommend that you purchase Insurance excess cover.
  • What's your Vauxhall Fuel consumption? Do I rent a Petrol or a Diesel car ? These are questions you should probably ask before renting a car. If you are on a budget you may want to consider renting a low cost diesel car. If however you are more interested in performance look for a larger petrol engine. Make sure to check the fuel policy in the RENTAL CONDITIONS.
  • Extras such as child seats, luggage racks, GPS, snow chains and additional drivers can be added for an extra charge at the time of booking. Some Vauxhall may already come with GPS so check the car description before selecting.
  • Drivers Age is important for some Vauxhall models. There may be a Young drivers surcharge for more expensive rentals. For cheap, low cost rentals usually there is no additional charges.
  • Mileage Policy and Cross Border Travel can also be found in the RENTAL CONDITIONS.